Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Anarchy and Love

I have always fallen in love so easily and so hard, almost to be point of being vengeful in certain cases. Yes, the last boyfriend I had I might very well love for the rest of my life, if nothing else, just to piss him off.  It's not that I don't naturally love people.  Some might just call it agressive.

I am far more tolerant of the actions of other than I am of my own.  For example, if I do something stupid (even if I laugh at it) I am kicking myself inside more than you can imagine.  While if someone else does the same stupid thing I may let it go.  I hold myself to a higher standard than that of other people.  I expect more of me than I do of the average person.

Why?  Well in a large part the masses are sheep blinded by idealism of total equality which cannot exist unless we as people were totally equal...which we can never be because we weren't designed that way. The human body is designed or has evolved or was left here by aliens with the capacity to many things, but I will never be an Olympic athlete, or a contortionist, or a trillionaire (unless I find one).  I can only do what I can do physically and mentally.  I will never be equal to another person.  I make up for my shortcomings with determination and the knowledge that if I screw up royally I won't do it again.  I don't except others to be like me in that respect.

And for others if they choose a certain behavior and are fully aware of the consequences and still choose the behavior, I say, go for it man.

I don't see why, if I think in that way, that people get so mad at me for my opinion.  So angry, in fact, that they misuse the term intolerant.  To tolerate, according to Webster, originally meant to experience, undergo, or sustain, as pain or hardship.  I tolerate people just fine.  Just because I disagree with you doesn't make me intolerant.  It means I have an opinion.  I don't agree with homosexuality and am anti gay marriage.  No one I know who is gay, or lesbian, or bi, or transgender, or hermaphroditic would ever know that because I am happy when they are happy and will happily set them up with another person of alternate sexuality, because everyone needs to be happy.  I do not think less of them as a person, nor do I "preach" at them and tell them they are going to hell.  However, I cannot, in good faith, let them get married.  In fact, I think all state sanctioned unions for the purpose of taxes, should be civil unions.  A marriage is a blessed relationship from whatever deity in whatever religion you decide to worship.  Biblically it's wrong.  The bible says homosexual on several occasions and lists it as a sin or wicked.  While I never look at a person and see everything they are doing wrong, I am allowed to dislike a behavior and expect more from myself.  Just like my friends sometimes look at my exes and wonder what on earth I was thinking.  I look at their sexuality and think the same thing.

I look at things from a different POV.  The guy who went into the movie theater and killed 13 people was an idiot with a weapon.  The police were fortunate to be dealing with a toddler with a copy of the anarchists cook book.

A few truths for the masses out there:
1)CPR is a great tool.  However, it's not like on HOUSE or ER where people do CPR and almost everyone is revived.  In fact, odds are, even if you do CPR you won't get them back.  While the statistics are getting better and it is still important, don't expect them to come back.
2)The police are like a paper towel.  You never seem to have them around until there is an accident.  Cops are not there to save you, they are there to scrape your carcass off the road, wall, ceiling,  or automobile.  Not saying they don't hope to make it.  But when the guy with a gun breaks down your front door they aren't always just going to run away like in the commercials.  Be able and willing to protect yourself.
3)Anything is a weapon if used right.  This computer is a weapon.  My cellphone, weapon.  My mail, a weapon.  Honestly, if it's used right a spoon is lethal.  Don't think knives and guns are the only way to kill people.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Something I have noticed and it kinda ticks me off...

I see so many sheep today.  Political sheep.  Religious sheep.  Social Sheep.  All thinking that they haven't been brainwashed.  Well Baa-Ram-Ewe Mutha Truckers!  It's quite ridiculous.

Lets start off with guns.  One moron with a gun runs in with tear gas and shoots the place up and what do we want to control?!  Guns!  A gun sitting alone is not a weapon, it is not until you load it and fire it that it becomes a weapon.  I want to know how many people were in that theater.  A hundred?  And withe Wounded 58 and killed 13?  That just tells me the shooter, though obviously committing premeditated murder, had no aim what-so-ever.  The folks who survived with wounds and especially those who were not harmed are very lucky the guy was such a horrible shot.  And who do they blame? The Tea Party?  Really?  While not a member myself I have been to both occupy and tea party rallies and I find the occupy folks to be far more volatile and angry.  So now the government screams gun control.  Seriously?  Lets take guns from those who need them for protection and make them even harder to get.  That's a bit like trying to get rid of obesity by taking cookies off the shelves in health food stores.  It won't do any good.  They will just find them in other places.  When man runs out of guns, he will kill them with knives.  When he runs out of knives, he will kill them with clubs.  When he runs out of clubs, he will kill them with sticks.  When he runs out of sticks he will smother them with the earth.  People are sick and capable of doing horrible things.  No matter what weapon you take away if someone wants to kill you, they will do it with their bare hands.  I don't believe it when they say the only person who can stop rape is the rapist.  I can stop them, by shooting them in the head.

Women are not empowered.  Ladies, I have seen the weakness in you all.  And in myself.  Somewhere in our brains we get this strange idea that we gain power over men with sex.  Well I am here to tell you that is not true, unless you currently have someone inside you.  While he is there, you have the power.  Before and afterwards, he has it.  Why?  Because only he knows if he is going to leave you afterwards. I see so many women who just sleep with anything that moves.  They sleep with their ex boyfriends because they think the power of sex will bring them back.  And for those of you who have gotten past that, I hope you are on birth control.  I have no pity for women who get pregnant at the wrong time.  It is called being responsible.  If you drink poison you might get sick.  If you drink too much you might get drunk.  If you eat the cookie you might gain weight.  If you have sex, no matter the caution, you might get pregnant.  Guess what, when you ate the cookie, you accepted what it would do to your body.  When you have sex you accept the fact you might have a baby. And I am sorry for you poor girls who are in a bad way and couldn't take care of a baby.  Guess what?  Tough shit.  Take responsibility for your own actions for once in your prissy little life and tough out the nine months.  You don't have to keep the baby once it's born.  And what about rape and the trauma of getting pregnant from that?  I am sorry you had to go through that.  But what you are saying is because this terrible thing happened to me I am going to make another terrible thing happen to another person who the government says doesn't matter.  Well guess what?  By the time you realize you are pregnant (unless you are one of those women who instinctively knows the very second it happens) the thing in your belly you are so terrified of has a heartbeat, is breathing, eating, has a mouth, fingernails, toes, lungs, a brain and can feel pain. According to medicine someone is live when they are responsive, breathing, and have a pulse.  TADA you people who have had abortions, you are accessories to murder.

I have it figured out.  According to the pro-abortion folk a baby is only a life when the parents want it.  And I weep for your heartlessness.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More insomniac musings...

Things to strive for in the coming months:
1)I need to be a better Christian tomorrow than I was today...because goodness knows I will fail today, and tomorrow, but I do want to fail less at it.
2)I need to stop finding myself attracted to men who are already taken.  There are enough men in the world to go round for the most part and I never did find myself in the position until more recently.
3)I need to take better care of me.
4)I need to be more selfish and actually worry about me.
5)Blog more often!

Now that the crazy mind is out of the way.  GOODMORNING VIETNAM!  *wait...what do you mean we aren't...oh!*

I have way too much filming to do over the next few months and nowhere near the fundng necessary to do it.  Hopefully something good will happen and I will ind job number 5 or other job number 5 will actually say I am fired so I can move on...like I am already attempting to.

Of course there are promotions for Is This It? to work with, please watch...if nothing else...if you happen to have once dated me...perhaps you would like to see me run over by a car.  LOL!

 There is not much of value to say at this mad hour so let me just run down the films...or basics of the films I will be shooting over the next few months...

First off I am doing a short film called My Face in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Looking forward to it.  Got a pal on board playing opposite me which will be awesome.  This will be early September.  Please, if you read this and want to help out you can go to Indie-go-go...My Face.  No nudity, but hey...good acting!  Help the director get the funds to pay his actors.

Late September we have Zombie Fried Chicken. YAY Louis!  I get to shoot Zombies while wearing combat gear.  Really, who could ask for anything more?

Sometime in the mix I will be filming Prodigy.  A superhero type TV show Pilot where I get to totally rock out.  (Reminder..have a Distraction party to go to as well)

After that I will be playing Josette, a french prostitute, who may not be all she seems, in Les Fleur Du Mal.

I might also be doing some stuff for a few other productions.  Busy, Busy.  Need to vacate in there somewheres.

Strange Poem

I knew the spider before it came on me
Quiet and poison to my very soul
And yet I only stared as it devoured me