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Bitter Loggings from an Optimistic Actress: Death and Actors

This is just something that has been weighing on my mind and it isn't in response to any single performer, it has been building up over the weeks and months and years. Another artist I knew from the performance community took his life today.  I hadn't seen him since I worked at Tweetsie Railroad in the infancy of my 20s.  I don't recall if I was 20 or 21 but it was a while back.  He was quiet and reserved but I remember chatting with him on breaks and laughing.  I remember him as a kind soul and enjoyed my tenure with him. It is sad to see that life go away so soon.  And he was one of over ten this year. He wasn't first (and sadly won't be the last) and I couldn't help but finally google the statistic of people in the arts industry who commit suicide.  When I typed in actor deaths it immediately jumped to every celebrity in existence that has ever committed suicide and the statistics on that.   I do mourn those people.  I mourn the Hoffmans and Williams of the w

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