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Confessions of a G-List Actress: Everybody's working for the Weekend

Let me tell you, sometimes a film shoot is just a whirlwind.   The weekend of April 22nd I was an employed actor and it was far too short.   I woke up at 10am and threw the costume pieces I had found into a bag.  Threw my makeup into a bag.  Kissed my husband and ran out the door by 11am. I stopped by a thrift store I like and grabbed a few small items.  Thinking, maybe it will work better than the other stuff.  I hop into the car and drive for about an hour, stop for a coffee and gasoline, hop back in the car, and get to driving.   About three hours into the drive I come to my first traffic jam.  It starts on the opposite side of Greenville and adds an additional hour to my trip.  I have my audiobooks and lines to run through.  Hopefully, my phone will charge amidst the madness.  Turns out it is just road work and they have cut an already congested two-lane highway to one lane.  I-85 is always being repaired.  Maybe one day I will be able to drive into Charlotte at a reasonable hour o

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