Monday, September 3, 2012

Racing the Clock.

At this moment I am staring at the 4% battery life on the macintosh in my lap saying...I can totally get this in before it dies entirely.
Ever googled yourself?  I do all the time and I have to laugh because at this moment I am more popular than the other Lilly Nelson in San Fran.  Huzzah!  Sorry other Lilly.
Tomorrow I have to either get done with lunch early or speed pack to race down to Raleigh.  Why? Because I have a film to shoot.  Praise the lord and pass the ammunition I get to work on a film.  I get all giddy and stressed and spazzy about it.  YAY film work.  Too bad it's going to take money from my California fund, but I get to put it back later.
Felt bad because I couldn't see my oldest and best not family friend this past weekend.  It was just too long.  1% battery life.  L8r!