Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bikini's and Broads

I live at the beach.  Right here right now the beach is my home and I couldn't be happier.  It took weeks to convince my fellow housemates to come along, amazingly enough.

I managed one-day last week, but I wanted to go this week and feel the sun on my skin.  This is partially because I love the ocean and partially to put some sun and salt on my poor legs.  I am tall and have poor circulation and am a magnet for insects and their nibbling mouths.  So I have a few places on my legs a little salt water wouldn't hurt.  Plus, I look a bit like an Irish girl at the beach until I have a few days of sun on me.

So I found myself at the beach walking towards the pounding surf when I looked over.  There, on the beach were three teen to college aged girls, all playing volleyball with a bunch of guys, at least I think there were guys there, I was too distracted by the three tanned fannies on display.  That is right, three of the girls were proudly displaying their thong bikinis.

I did what any normal girl would do at this.  I pointed at these three adolescents and said, "Guys.  They want you to pay attention."

Now I will say for a moment the three girls did stare and smile flirtatiously at one of my compatriots.  One threw the ball at another, who bent over and gave us the same view her proctologist will soon be getting.  I have no doubt this aroused the interest of my fellow beach goers.  Men.  Can't live with them.  Can't shoot them.  

"I bet she'd get mad if we told her to put clothes on."  "It just doesn't do it for me like it used to."  I know it's a bunch of lies.  I know lies when I hear them.

Being older, what younger women do absolutely terrifies me.  It draws up anger, not at them, but for them.  Anger at the stupid choices they make.  Anger that they feel that showing their bodies to gain the attention of other people is the only way to garner respect.  What makes it worse, they try so hard to play it off as confidence.  I have seen truly confident women wear nothing and I have seen them covered from head to toe in fabric.  I have seen confident women have their clothes painted on as art.  I have seen the face of confidence and it wears what it wants.  Sometimes that's shorts and a tank top and sometimes it's a full-length gown.

Ladies, stop dressing to garner attention.  Stop undressing to garner attention.  Dress the way you feel most yourself.  Not til you feel sexy.  Not til you feel eyes look at you.  Dress until the world vanishes.