Monday, August 19, 2019

Confessions of a G-list Actress: EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!

      So, for the first time in a long time I agreed to do some extra work.  I almost never do it.  It can't go on my resume and it never pays that much.  But sometimes a good job comes through your agent and you can't really say no to the money.  It paid well and, honestly, I had nothing better to do on that particular day.
      It was a lazy Saturday and I go up, packed a bunch of my clothes in the car and my makeup case and I drove a very short distance to a large building on a huge campus and walked into the glorious air conditioning.  And that was where the only problem came to light.
      As I walked through the door, I assumed I would find a crew, a grip, a girl with a know..something to tell me where set was.  I called the one contact I had, I could only assume they were busy since I got no reply to text or phone call.  I was waiting for a few moments in the lobby, scared to death security would come in and kick me off site, when I heard a faint ding.  
      THE ELEVATOR!  Maybe if I found it, someone would come out and tell me which floor to go to.  It wasn't far.  There were two floors that were indicated above.  Four and Eight.  I hit the up button and figured I would walk into a crew or a very confused looking office.  As I was making up my mind which floor to go on the elevator came down and a gentleman walked out.  
      "Can I help you?"
      "Yeah, looking for a camera crew!"
      "Fourth floor."
      I thanked him and walked onto the elevator and walked out to see a crew filming someone walking into a cubicle.  Scared I might have ruined the shot I nearly jumped back into the elevator.  Someone saw me and waved me into a room filled with clothes, makeup, and people.
      I get in a makeup chair, get in a costume that was picked for me and I wait a total of twenty five minutes before I was walked to the complete other side of the building and sat at a table where I sat in the background for maybe fifteen minutes and mimed with three other background performers.  I was done in less than two hours and made a decent payday.  Seriously, shortest day I have ever had.