Saturday, August 17, 2013

Facts on Acting

When I was a little girl my cousin Travis, a great actor in himself, told me, "If there is anything else you can do in the world and be happy, do that."

I am 30 years old.

Things that I love to do that make me happy:
Sewing (only for myself)
Learning something new that has to do with art

Really I am an artist through and through.  All I want out of life is to be an artist all day every day.

My parents are not rich.  They help when they can.

I simply want to know why, sometimes, I am going to spend so much of my life trying to do something I know I can do better than anyone else while other less apt people succeed.

I often wonder, if the most talented people actually got the part, think of who we'd have starring in films.  It would look so different.


  1. Personally i think people should be proud of their accomplishments no matter what. Whether you were the extra in the background or the makeup artist or the lead role, everyone plays a part in the making of the film. The lead actor would be nothing without the extras. So what if they go home and start packing their bags for LA after one extra role. Let them dream big. Apparently it paid off for some extras because now they are famous movie stars. you can't say they WON'T become famous or lead roles from being an extra because you already proved it has happened. Chances maybe slim, but weirder things have happened.

  2. Once again, as I say later. Everything and everyone is important in film making. But a lot of actors get one extra role move to LA and only add to the homeless population. Seriously. They will have a few extra roles, think they are famous and immediately move to LA only to end up living out of their car or under a bridge. Move to LA if you dream of that. But do it the right way. Get some leading roles in some indies and student films. Get some credits that can go on your resume. Then aim big. Don't try to lasso the moon before you've bothered to buy the rope.